BBQ Bacon Burger with Colby Jack and Butterleaf

Great barbeque flavor (minus the carbs) has been one of my grails ever since I was diagnosed with diabetes way back in 2004. A couple of years ago, I came close to capturing that flavor by combining various spices and blends from Penzeys (BBQ 3000, Northwoods, Northwoods Fire, ground allspice, ground coriander) with black plums… Continue reading BBQ Bacon Burger with Colby Jack and Butterleaf

Birthday Haul, Y’all

I turned 51 yesterday. I have to tell you, in case you don’t already know, that once you’ve had some number of birthdays, they become less special. (Minus milestones. E.g., I was pretty excited when I turned 50 last year, but only because that birthday qualified me for AARP membership and would allow me to… Continue reading Birthday Haul, Y’all

Farmers Park, 06/02/2021

Addendum, 10:15am: While I was in the shower, I realized my mistake. The caption for the photo above originally read “special to my wife and I”. This is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. If you take out “my wife and”, it would then read “special to I”. The phrase has been edited to read “special to… Continue reading Farmers Park, 06/02/2021

Stephen King: Lisey’s Story (Novel), Part 2

Meals were missed, sleep was disturbed, housework was left undone, and this blog was neglected, but I finished the novel Lisey’s Story before the mini-series of the same name launches on June 4th. Like my previous post on Lisey’s Story, this post is not a book review. If you want a clean, succinct review, though,… Continue reading Stephen King: Lisey’s Story (Novel), Part 2


I took a few days away to think about a friend who recently passed. Regular posting will resume shortly.

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